So how long was Sec. Clinton in front of the Benghazi committee?

So there was shouting at yesterday’s Benghazi hearing with former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton. Four Americans died in the attack, and that is a damn shame.

But, well, have you been keeping up with the Iraq body count? And will someone sit in front of a panel for that?


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  1. What about Afghanistan? I mean…if you’re going to stack bodies, the folks at Physicians for Social Responsibility, Physicians for Global Survival, and Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War came up with a conservative estimate of 1.3 million total deaths since the Never Ending Wars started in 2011.

    But Americans…and Congress…and the White House…really don’t care about any of that. Small price to pay for making the world safe for whatever it is we’re making the world safe for. We need a Fall Guy for the general malfeasance that cost Stevens, Smith, Woods and Doherty their lives. Clinton is it.

    Political persecution? Well…yeah. Was there ever any question it wasn’t? Business as usual for Congress.

      1. I saw those, too. But they’re just coalition military deaths. They don’t reflect enemy deaths or collateral damage, like at the MSF hospital in Kunduz. The Body Count report covers direct and indirect deaths “based on UN, government, and NGO data, as well as individual studies” in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It does not cover any refugee deaths or any estimates from Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Syria or anywhere else our policy of destabilization and regime change is active.

          1. It is. And what’s even sadder is that …generally speaking…we don’t want to know. We just don’t care.

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