For some families, the housing crisis isn’t over

Far from it,Image result for affordable housing CT according to this Governing article (and thanks, Kimberley, for sending it along). From the article:

Governingcompiled data gauging the extent to which middle-income family-sized housing is available in the nation’s 25 largest cities. For each city, we calculated the amount that families earning the local median family income could afford to spend on housing and utilities without exceeding the standard 30 percent of their earnings. Data provided by the real estate website Trulia depicts a wide affordability gap between the hottest urban centers and the rest of the country. In the top 10 most expensive cities, an average of just 17 percent of all home listings have three or more bedrooms and are affordable. That compares to a much higher 63 percent of listings in other cities. The outlook isn’t any better for families who rent. On average, more than half (52 percent) of renters in all cities reviewed already spend more than 30 percent of household income on gross rent costs, according to the latest Census estimates, and only a small fraction of rentals are big enough to accommodate larger families.

So this is for homeowners and renters.

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