Does Jesus want you stupid?

The-Rapture-in-Bible-Prophecy1If you’re waiting for the Rapture, are you under no obligation to educate your children?

You can learn more about just such a case here, in Texas. You can learn more about the Rapture here, but if that’s too confusing, let me know. Maybe I can explain it.

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  1. I wouldn’t venture a guess at what Jesus wants, but everyone knows that you can’t fix stupid.

    1. So…no hope for Evan Hurst then.
      Not really. I’m just trying to take the High Road here.

  2. An interesting case…but the Rapture issue is really not relevant to the core issues of the McIntyre’s lawsuit.

    The claim made by the relative and disgruntled business partner…sensationalized in the media… has never been verified. Not by the eldest daughter Tori, or the grandparents, whose statements to school district officials contributed to the filing of the truancy charges, (along with an anonymous complaint). Charges that were later dismissed, as it turns out, by the El Paso assistant district attorney empowered by the school district to investigate the truancy…because…Tori and the grandparents refused to testify about the allegations. So the question of whether or not the type of education provided by the household was indeed “bona fide,” i.e. not a sham, or even whether the children actually received any type of education, should no longer be an issue…as far as the school district is concerned.

    The unverified claim by Tracy McIntyre, the main focus of media coverage, can be given no more or less credence than the unverified statement by sister-in-law Laura McIntyre, rarely…if ever…mentioned in media coverage, that the McIntyre’s homeschooling employed A Beka curriculum and methods.

    The CRHE statement widely quoted in the media…

    Parents have many options for how to educate their children, but they don’t get to choose whether to educate their children.

    …is a rather severe misrepresentation of the issues in the McIntyre case.

    The core issues of the lawsuit, brought by the McIntyres after the dismissal of truancy charges, involves the mechanics of authority:
    –Whether the McIntyres are exempt, in this case, from the sovereign immunity statutes in Texas that demand all administrative remedies be exhausted before lawsuits can proceed against any school district.
    –Whether the McIntyres were exempt, in this case, under Texas and/or, federal law, from reasonable official inquiries to ensure their homeschooling conformed to Texas law. (Which doesn’t seem to be, according to the HSLDA, much different from Connecticut’s.)

    Under Texas law, parents/guardians are responsible to provide for the basic education of their children/wards. Nowhere that I can see in the McIntyre lawsuit is that legal duty being challenged. That the laws regarding homeschooling in Texas, Connecticut and many other states do not conform with CRHE…or Wonkette… standards does not justify promulgating disinformation about a unique situation to unfairly stereotype homeschooling as a practice of religious anti-government extremists or home-schooled students as mentally deficient. (The Wonkette characterization is particularly offensive.) A little research into homeschooling would reveal to anybody…except maybe Evan Hurst… that home-schooled children consistently outperform their public school counterparts.

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