On being grateful…

FullSizeRenderYou knew it wouldn’t be very deep into the month before I included these two, didn’t you? My time spent with the youngest grandchildren is both exhausting and invigorating. Grandchildren let you revisit your own childhood. You get to be silly. You get to turn cartwheels, make up stories, and create tents from bedclothes.

I suppose you can do that without grandchildren, but it’s so much more fun with.

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    1. That girl has your number, too. She has everybody’s number. She’ll start a sentence with, “My Granny?” And then she’ll say repeatedly, “I’ve got to tell you something, I’ve got to tell you something,” and that’s even if you’re looking right at her, and listening. Maybe that’s a function of growing up in a large family (she has six siblings), or maybe that’s a function as that little woman has an awful lot to say.

      1. My former little neighbor would sometimes start a statement by saying a phrase or sentence, and then repeat it a few times, until he was ready to complete the statement. I think he was trying to hold his listener’s attention while organizing his thoughts.

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