And in weird, apocalyptic time travel news:

MTIxNDI3MjkzNDE1MTc5Nzg5Ben Carson would not abort Hitler’s fetus.

But Jeb Bush would kill baby Hitler.

Has any one thought to ask the other candidates if they would travel back through time to abort Hitler’s fetus or kill him as a baby? I get where this is going. I do. But is this what passes for political discourse these days? And has any one thought to change the oil in the clown car? How about:

If you could travel back in time, would you stab Atilla the Hun?



Oh, oh! I have another one: If you could travel ahead in time, would you figure out Wednesday’s lottery number and clean up? Rearrange someone’s office at work just to freak them out?

I mean, Jaysus. Can we get back to the topics at hand?

Just asking.

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  1. Well…Jeb wouldn’t abort it, he’d just kill it after birth. There is a difference. Check the GOP Platform.

    But there is coverage of Republican candidates’ positions on topics at hand.

    Trump lit into Ben Carson, Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio yesterday, and even touched on some foreign policy plans once he’s crowned, promising to “bomb the shit out of” ISIS.
    And let’s not forget his latest idea on undocumented immigration: a revival of Eisenhower’s Operation Wetback.

    Ben Carson has plans for immigration policy, as long as the secular progressives, (you know…the people who like Starbuck’s holiday coffee cups), don’t get in the way.

    Sticking with immigration, once the latest…and least watched…GOP cattle call was over, Republican candidates wasted no time criticizing each other’s positions on the issue. There’s some differences on tax policy and defense spending, too. One thing the Republican candidates do agree on, however, is the minimum wage should not be increased. Even Ben Carson, who once spoke in favor paying higher wages to get people off government assistance, now says he wouldn’t raise the minimum wage. There is also general agreement on healthcare (WhatMeWorry?) and ObamaCare® (Slavery!), with the only noticeable differences among the GOP hopefuls being the degree of ignorance demonstrated by each on the topic. (Don’t get me started!)

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