The Gods (gods, gods, gods) of Egypt (egypt, egypt, egy…)

1516107599693223204OK. That was supposed to be an echo and I get points for trying.

Mike the Heathen sends this, a send-up of an upcoming movie called (yes!) The Immensely Caucasian Gods of Egypt. Oh, wait. I got the title wrong, but you get my meaning. Strangely, this group of thespians look precisely nothing like the real thing. For an example, the poster at the top is dreamy Gerard Butler, in the role of the Egyptian god, Set, whose image is just beneath that of Butler’s.

anubis-free-484I know! See the similarities?

But then, we can’t quite figure out what Jesus looked like, can we? Jesus of Hollywood usually is a dreamy Caucasian, too, and not at all representative of the ethnicity to which the actual Jesus belonged. But here: Enjoy the show:


son-of-god-26191-1920x1080 jesus-big

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