I have an idea for Jeb’s “Christian Only Refugee Program”

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush reacts to a question at the Mountain Shadows Community Center in Las Vegas Monday, March 2, 2015. Bush distanced himself from his family on Monday as he courted senior citizens in Nevada, the first stop in a national tour aimed at key states on the presidential primary calendar. (AP Photo/Las Vegas Sun, Steve Marcus)

Jeb! Bush! mentioned on CNN earlier this week that the U.S. should strictly focus its aid on refugees who are Christian.

If Jeb! gets into office, I think he should give priority to Fundamentalist Christians, the One True Christians® We can have a Bible quiz and if the refugee gets less than 95 percent, that refugee must go to the rear of the line. I’m not sure how we’ll handle children. Make them sing, “Jesus Loves Me?”

Honest to God. You can’t make this stuff up. In fact, this suggestion is about as far from Christian as you can get. Here’s Pres. Obama’s response.

Jeb!? Stop talking. You embarrass you.


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  1. There is such a lack of logic and common sense in Jeb Bush’s comment, that I wonder why he thinks he could make good decisions as President.

    The growing reaction that we must protect ourselves first by rejecting Syrian refugees, is based on out of proportion fear, that is being leveraged by some on the right for political gain. It’s sickening and as Obama said, it brings out the darkness in people.

    There is no question. Threat of terrorism is scary. The murderous and horrific actions of 8(?) people affected millions of people around the world. No fancy weapons were used – only belief in their ideas, madness, and the will to do harm. They willingly go, knowing they will die. There is no threat when a person goes on a suicide mission. Seriously, how can we really stop that? It leaves us vulnerable.

    Maybe we can stop some of it, protect the most vulnerable, and prevent more from going down the path of becoming radicalized. Sadly, the reaction some have had is exactly the opposite of what makes sense. I wonder, does our collective predictable and weak reaction, based on fear, ultimately push more to become radicalized, because they become the enemy either way by the rest of us? If anything, we should as a nation embrace our Muslim brothers and sisters who have been victimized by war and terror and welcome them with open arms. They are Paris, too. We should show them we are a country capable of love and protection. We should prove we are a country who values life and embrace the fact that we are a melting pot of many cultures. Actions speak louder than words. Our religions across the country should bring us closer to compassion, rather than push us to fear what is different and divide us. We should stop pointing fingers at a whole religion that includes approximately 1.6 billion people when 99.99% have no affiliation with ISIS whatsoever. Have we forgotten what evil comes from punishing people for their religion or race? Do we need to review our own history and our mistakes, because we promised ourselves along the way to not repeat them? Our country needs to take a different path than the one led by fear. We need to rise up above the terror with light, not more darkness.

    1. ” that I wonder why he thinks he could make good decisions as President.”
      He doesn’t have to think that. All he has to do is convince his base that he could, and if his base is more concerned with religion than all the other big issues, I don’t think they care any further.

        1. Take a look at that PRRI 2015 AVS. More Americans today than in Sept. 2011…9% more…including majorities in every Christian religious group…57% of political independents…43% of Democrats…consider Islam incompatible with “American values,” (whatever the hell that means). And that survey was completed before the latest attacks in Paris.

          Considering that, along with other studies…like this one…his rhetoric is, relatively speaking, fairly run-of-the-mill.
          Actually…listening to the rhetoric of some other GOP candidates…the Jebster sounds pretty moderate. At least he’s willing to let some of them in the country.

            1. It’s still ignorant in every way. The Republicans have pushed fear and ignorance ever since 9-11. According to your linked statistics, leftover, they are succeeding at creating a more fearful & ignorant public. It’s sad. I suppose it’s not surprising since it’s an easier path. It takes more work to educate.

                1. I think it’s neck-and-neck. But if you break down the spectrum of capital in America…social…political…economic…I think sex dominates two out three categories: social and economic.

              1. The Republican Party has no monopoly on “creating a more fearful & ignorant public.” That’s a completely open market exploited by both sides of the aisle. To great effect…and profit.

  2. I’m very disappointed in Jeb’s candidacy so far. He’s never been much of a clown and I really expected him to class up the joint. But Trump has…well…trumped up everything. Jeb doesn’t wear desperation very well at all.

    And personally? I find lectures from The Drone King on American values to be offensive in the extreme.

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