It’s time to give men more birth control options.

next-generation-condoms-grant-bill-gates-development-1I wrote this for CT Health Investigative Team.

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  1. I’ve read where Vasalgel, the reversible polymer injection, will be available in the states by 2017. As long as it’s covered through insurance on par with female contraception, i.e., no cost sharing, I would think that, with a little encouragement, men would be willing to give it a try.

    I would.

    I’d be more willing to try that than the “clean sheets” pill. More reliable and less chance of painful side effects.

  2. Sometime in the last century — ummmm, late 60s-ish, my partner was involved in a study of male contraceptive pills. He lived in a house where a doctor had an office and was available for frequent exams etc. I’m sure there were more, but the only side-effect he knew of what that when a guy “on the pill” drank alcohol, his eyes got bloodshot (perhaps a sign of a serious problem, don’t know). Since he didn’t use alcohol, he had no concerns about that. By the time we met, I was not his first girlfriend not to get pregnant.

    He moved out of that house and the doctor wouldn’t let him stay involved in the study which I’m assuming was just good medical practice.

    But it does amaze me that nearly 50 years later, there is still no such pill. He surmised that men just couldn’t bear not being at least somewhat of a macho threat.

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