On being grateful…

This is going to sound like gloating, but here goes:

At the end of that long, long day, I settled in to my favorite chair in front of the television to binge-watch “30 Rock” with my life partner, Mr. Dating Jesus.

The sad fact is we’ve already binge-watched through the seven seasons of the show already. Neither of us watched it when it was on, and then we caught up, and then we did a round of British detective shows (Morse, Gently), watched “The IT Crowd” (I highly recommend it), and then decided to go back to “30 Rock.”

Yes. We need a new show but haven’t settled on one yet. I don’t watch that closely, anyway, but it struck me last night how cool it was to come home to someone I like to settle in and do something entirely predictable and boring (and a little weird) like binge-watch the same damn television show for an hour or so. I suppose if we make a third pass through the show, we should be able to recite the lines with the actors.

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  1. I could never get into 30 Rock. Don’t know why. I like Fey’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The first season anyway.

    When I binge it’s usually cop shows. (Happy Valley will be next.) Or documentaries. Or PBS shows. Like Wolf Hall. I will binge a series previous season before new season premiere when the show has a run that is entirely too short. Like Orphan Black. Or Better Call Saul. So I’m grateful for services like Netflix and Amazon Prime that make that possible.

    1. I need to try “Better Call Saul,” though I absolutely couldn’t get into “Breaking Bad.” I wish I could have, but I couldn’t.

      1. You don’t really need to sit through all of Breaking Bad to enjoy Better Call Saul…but it helps. The evolution of Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) into Walter White’s crooked lawyer, (Saul), and how he partners up with ruthless-killer-with-a-heart-of-gold Mike Ehrmantraut, (Jonathan Banks), is a story that stands very well on its own. You just need to know that the very beginning of the series shows Saul on the run and trying to hide out. Then the story returns to 2002, six years before Jimmy-turned-Saul gets involved with Walter White-soon to be the notorious Heisenberg. (“You don’t need a criminal lawyer…you need a criminal lawyer.”)

        It’s pure Vince Gilligan. Great talent. Great writing. And a truly sick sense of…well…everything. It may be just a knockoff of Breaking Bad, but I’m enjoying it just as much…maybe more. With one complaint: Ten episodes isn’t even half a season. By the time season two gets here (February) viewers will need to binge the first just to stay caught up.

        Bob Odenkirk and his comedy cohort David Cross are reunited for a fresh sketch comedy series currently on Netflix.

        1. Frank tried watching that last one and hated it. I’m going to try it, myself, and see. Really like David Cross.

  2. I can relate and appreciate the predictability of a TV show routine with family, too. Adjusting to changes in my daily routine over the last weeks has not been easy. Keeping up the routine of watching Jeopardy, is a comfort. As I say that, I also think of my grandmother who watched Wheel of Fortune every night in her late years, leading up to when she developed advanced Alzheimer’s. That thought is a little scary. Though, it’s our son, who may miss his Science Bowl and Math team days, who tunes in Jeopardy nightly. We record it so if one of us is running late, we wait and all watch it together. We each chime in when we have an answer, right or wrong. Today, they are nearing the end of their Tournament of Champions. It’s when their best past winners play each other. Tonight, they show the last of the semi-final competition. One of our favorite players, Matt, competes for the last spot in the 3-person, 2-day, final competition. It’s an exciting week for Jeopardy watchers. Go, Matt!

    1. LOVE my Jeopardy! Gotta have it. My favorite is the teen tournaments because I know more of the answers.
      Personally… I think Alex Jacob is going to smoke Matt …if Matt wins tonight. Matt’s beatable if he can’t get a chance at the Double Jeopardy bonuses…or flubs one…which is doubtful. Alex was unstoppable last night. But Kerry could be a spoiler if she can win The Battle of the Button. Can’t wait for the finale.

      I used to watch Wheel all the time. But my housemates here prefer Big Bang Theory reruns…or America’s test Kitchen reruns…before primetime. That’s fine with me.

      1. Alex was on fire last night! I’d be shocked if Matt doesn’t win tonight. I’m thinking both Alex and Matt may be quicker at the buzzer than Kerry, but who knows. Double Jeopardy hits can put someone far ahead. It’ll be exciting! All three are impressive.

        1. Well…congratulations…sort of…to Matt. He got lucky. Cheering for himself and lauding his victory over his fellow contestants, however, is exceptionally bad form. I’ve never seen that done before…except maybe by some celebrity contestants.

          I hope Alex or Kerry smoke him.

          1. It’s looking very good for Alex! Yup, Matt is border-line obnoxious with his intensity at times. Alex is more laid back and I imagine more friendly. Tomorrow should be interesting.

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