We stand with Beirut and Paris

ap_825024163728-cf73d90f55e2be6986725b7dae5c13812a36a7c1-s800-c85Just like Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, who, in the wake of some 27 (or is it 31 now) scared-bunny governors rolling up the welcome mat for Syrian refugees, said:

I think that our nation is tested from time to time, and I think this is one of those times to really dig deep and see what kind of character our nation and my state has. I’ve always believed my state and the country has always been a place of refuge from those who are persecuted. Right on the Statue of Liberty, they talk about the wretched refuge of your teeming shore, and I don’t know where we’ve had more people who fit this classification of victim.

You can listen to more here. You can read his statement here.

Blessings and happiness on this governor, and on my own, who is also doing the right thing.

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  1. I’ve got some issues with Inslee, but he’s done a good thing here. An eloquent statement and persuasive argument…that…let’s face it…just might help his relationship with progressives in his western districts.

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