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  1. In case anyone else is interested in reviewing the Mike Hanley/WEF sources for that analysis, you should go to the IEP’s Global Terrorism Index PDF here. The links supplied by Hanley claiming to be to the Terrorism Index actually go to the IEP’s Global Peace Index. Ooopsie! Comments are closed on the post and since I’m not getting paid to be a WEF editor, I’m not emailing him either. One would think that someone being paid by such a prestigious organization to be an editorial director and Head of Digital Communications having 20 years’ experience as independent business editor, writer and corporate editorial consultant with expertise in editorial strategy, digital and print publishing, and integrated publishing would take the time…two mouse-clicks…to check his work. One would be…apparently…wrong.

    I sought out Hanley’s source after seeing the US ranking…which got me scratching my head a little. According to the IEP, of the 23 Western Countries listed, the United States, just in 2014, experienced 19 terrorist attacks resulting in 18 deaths. This put the United States at the top of that heap, including experiencing the deadliest terrorist attack in the West for 2014, the Jerad and Amanda Miller mass shooting in Las Vegas last June. (Five dead, including the two perpetrators.)

    This is due, apparently, to the way the IEP categorizes certain terrorist acts. The United States excels, it seems, at “Lone Wolf” terrorism, defined as “terrorist acts committed by individuals who act alone and without the support of a terrorist organisation.” It is the most prevalent type of terrorism in the West. There are four “Lone Wolf” groups containing ten subcategories:
    Racial and Religious Supremacists
    –White Supremacist
    Individual Issues
    Islamic Fundamentalism
    –Al-Qa’ida Inspired
    –ISIL Inspired
    –Political extremism

    The group labeled “Individual Issues,” is defined as an attack “due to issues specific to an individual. This may involve a desire to gain attention, a particular dogma or actions relating to particular delusions stemming from the influence of drugs or a mental illness.” Notice it has no subcategory. I think this is an egregious error. The subcategory American Batshit Crazy should be added for data clarity. We are uniquely exceptional in this regard, obviously, and if we’re to be #1, credit where credit is due needs to be applied. We didn’t get to where we are today by imitating other countries. When it comes to Individual Issues, American Batshit Crazy stands alone! That kind of achievement demands recognition. Without it, credibility is…well…questionable.

      1. Not enough data yet…but…on the face of it…given there is no IEP subcategory under Racial and Religious Supremacists for Christian Supremacist…I would risk a preliminary assessment of either Individual Issues/American Batshit Crazy or Political/Political Extremism.

        1. Just saw on Twitter that police have captured the shooter. Does that mean we should assume it was a white guy?

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