san-bernadino-shooting5While we await the latest heartbreaking information out of San Bernardino, Calif., where today shooters opened fire at a service center for people with disabilities and left 14 dead and at least 17 wounded:

This is our 355th mass shooting this year. What will it take, do you think, to get serious about this? We can stop this, and we can stop this now, but here are some reactions from our presidential candidates. You know what this looks like? A lot of prayers. We’ve asked for prayers after every fucking one of these. When do we ask for action? I’m done praying.


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  1. What will it take?
    There’s lots of good ideas. Some common sense proposals. Even some radical ones. But a corrupt Congress, as it has demonstrated time and time again for decades now, will never allow any of them to be actualized in any meaningful way.

    1. Then we must flush out and hold those corrupt politicians accountable. We must be every bit as vigilant as are the blood garglers. We don’t have their money. We do have more people.

      1. Unfortunately…after reading some coverage this morning…I don’t think gun control is going to get much play.

        1. I think you’re right. Some of us need to talk about Muslims and air our prejudices and ignore the common thread among these mass shootings is? A gun.

          1. Guns are always going to be a common thread in gun related crimes. Motive is also a common thread.
            Given what is being reported so far, the Muslim angle cannot be discounted. It’s unfortunate American Muslims don’t get the same pass afforded to American Christians for this kind of shit…but unavoidable in this case: Two Muslims described by coworkers as “living the American Dream” plan and execute an act of terrorism.

            Because the perpetrators are dead, and because their family says they had no foreknowledge of the plan, speculation, presumption and prejudice will dominate any discussion of the incident.

            The gun angle will probably revolve around the question: How do we keep guns out of the hands of Muslims?

            1. (And never mind the dumb-ass bubbas who profess to be Christians because they? Are one of ours.)

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