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  1. I don’t think innovation is to blame for inequality. I think Florida points that out…sort of.

    The Atlantic article is a good example, though, of capitalists bending over backwards to avoid the obvious: inequality is caused by Capitalism. Capitalism demands inequality. The parasitism inherent to neoliberalism and the vulgar libertarianism that it has spawned has exacerbated capitalism’s inherent inequality to levels that stress the bounds of societal tolerances.

    The answer is as obvious as the problem.

    Innovation…opportunity…requires capital. When capital resources necessary to innovation and opportunity are controlled by an elite…and largely unregulated…minority, the benefits of innovation…opportunity…will be as concentrated as those necessary resources.

    Innovation and opportunity are necessary to markets in any economic system. They must be fostered…nurtured…stimulated…expanded…to ensure market benefits are widespread.

    Equally important is safeguarding the ability of consumers to meaningfully participate in those markets. That’s what makes markets robust. Which inspires more innovation…creating more opportunity. We’re not doing that.

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