I’m not going to tell you how to stop gun violence

download (1)But I am going to tell you that one way to figure out what must be done is to stop the freeze on gun violence research and let smart people consider what we should be doing.

For a beautiful few hours on Twitter last night, Igor Volsky, director of video and contributing editor at ThinkProgress, was following up every politician’s tweet of thoughts and prayers to San Bernardino with how much said politician has received from the NRA this election cycle. For whatever else Igor Volsky has done with his life, he is my new hero.

If you want to see what 1,000 mass shootings look like, go here.


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  1. I offer this again: Mark Erelli’s “By Degrees”– as in we-get-used-to-this-by-degrees:

  2. Just prior to the San Bernardino tragedy, 2000 physicians from 9 different associations…including Doctors for America… joined with members of Congress in Washington to call for repeal of the Dickey Amendment, the legislation that ended gun violence research by the CDC and NIH in 1996.

    ThinkProgress coverage here.

    Even Jay Dickey, the NRA tool who guided the legislation through a Republican Congress and past Wild Bill Clinton, admitted in 2012…after the Aurora, CO mass killing…that it was a mistake, recognized gun violence as a public health issue, and that evidence based scientific research must be employed to understand and deal with the epidemic of gun violence in America: We Won’t Know the Cause of Gun Violence Until We Look For It.

    The best time to start was 20 years ago; the second-best time is now.

    Of course…he doesn’t need the NRA anymore.

  3. Oh…I forgot…
    The day before the San Bernardino tragedy, the current NRA tools in the House of Representatives blocked debate on a bill that would preclude suspected terroists…those on the FBI’s no-fly list…from legally obtaining weapons.

    They won’t even talk about it. Unless it’s about the “mental health issue”…which they don’t want to fund either.

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