Jay Dickey comes to Jesus

151007133739-lv-jay-dickey-gun-violence-00031224-small-169But Jesus is busy.

It’s too late for countless of thousands of victims of gun violence since 1996, but the former GOP congressman who is responsible for the lack of funding on gun violence has had a change of heartJay Dickey:

who spearheaded efforts in 1996 to block the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s gun violence research, is calling on Congress to repeal the amendment that carries his name.

“It is my position that somehow or someway we should slowly but methodically fund such research until a solution is reached,” he wrote in a letter released through the office of U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson. “Doing nothing is no longer an acceptable solution.”

Little late, sir. Actually, a lot late.


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      1. While Dickey is undeniably the NRA tool that initially guided the legislation through Congress, I think we need to remember that Wild Bill Clinton signed it…and continued to sign its reauthorization…without question…as has every President since 1997 every single time it crossed their desks as a rider to the annual Labor, HHS and Education appropriations bills originating in Congress. Including Obama…who signed an executive order directing the CDC to engage in gun violence research after the mass killing at Sandy Hook, but provided no mechanism for the CDC to acquire essential funding or otherwise escape the restrictions contained in the rider. With $2.6 million dollars cut from the CDC annual budget, (the amount the CDC used to fund basic firearm injury in years prior to 1996), and with no political will anywhere in Congress…or the White House… to change the existing restrictions contained in the rider, the CDC cannot fund any research that might study gun violence without putting even more essential funding at risk from political backlash.

        Dickey was an NRA tool. But he’s just one implement in a very large toolshed.

  1. It’s rare that a politician admits to a mistake like that. I give him credit for that and that alone. Yes, it’s a lot late.

    1. Dickey’s not a politician anymore. Hasn’t been for over a decade. He’s a lobbyist now representing clients involved in children’s health care, navigation and water, tax matters, homeland security, and roads. Now he sees the value in scientific research because admitting it serves his own best interests.

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