Is this persecution of Christians?



Not the made-up kind, the kind reported on Faux News, but the real kind found in the scriptures?

A United Church of Christ (the Congregationalists, or UCC)  church in southern California wants to take in Syrian refugees, and they’ve received the some really ignorant grief over it.

I’d say these folks who are giving this church trouble are persecuting them for the practice of their beliefs. I’d say that could warrant some attention from the authorities.

And thanks, Jac, for the link.

Meanwhile? Good on ye, Texas, for deciding to open your doors to these folks.


7 responses to “Is this persecution of Christians?

  1. I think you’d be wrong. The terms harassment, discriminations and persecution typically characterize varying degrees of harm originating from various sources. I don’t think what’s being described rises to the level of persecution. And if the Rev. Freeman is shocked by that level of hate…well…he really needs to get out more.

    And Texas? The people in Texas opposing resettlement…officials and otherwise…have not changed their tune. One lawsuit was dropped when it became clear it was was a waste of time, and one official was satisfied with the vetting information he demanded from the federal government.

    “Our state will continue legal proceedings to ensure we get the information necessary to adequately protect the safety of Texas residents,” [Texas Attorney General] Paxton said.

    Texas’ governor says the terrorist attack in San Bernardino is “Another example of why Texas is taking a strong stand.”

    Nothing has changed there.

    • Maybe not in their hearts, but they’re welcoming 21 refugees: As for persecution, does it need to rise to the level of physical harm?

      • Welcoming? I’m not sure about that…considering the current official position represents a change to prior policy that reportedly welcomed 250 Syrian refugees prior to the Paris attacks, (that had nothing to do with Syrians). If you can believe ABC News. (That ABC story now says the Paxton lawsuit is still pending. Somebody…please…find me a journalist or at least a half-assed qualified editor.)

        And the “welcoming” part is being protested across the state…pro and con. A lot of the con showing up armed to the teeth. So “welcoming” becomes a matter of perspective. If a Syrian refugee isn’t staring down the barrel of a gun in Texas these days, I suppose that might count as “welcoming.”

        No. Persecution does not require a level of physical harm. It is the systematic mistreatment of an individual or group by another individual or group. Suffering of one type or another is generally considered to be part of the meaning, (when you get into legal definitions and such), but the severity of actual physical harm is not necessary to satisfy the definition. Just like assault does not require a battery.

    • I thought it was worth handing the mic to these Christians, so I shared this. It seems more often than not, these types of Christians quietly go about their good work, caring for their neighbors and following Jesus’ example to love one another, while the loud mouth, self-described Christians who refuse to take in refugees or support programs that house the homeless, feed the hungry or help the sick get heard. The church in S Cal is not faced with a fake war on Christmas. They are faced with real intimidation for behaving like Christians, most likely by other Christians (though I don’t know that for sure). Who is waging the real war on Christians? Other Christians.

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