In a move that can only be called “no shit:”

imagesConnecticut’s Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said he would sign an executive order that would ban people on the federal terrorism watch list from buying guns in Connecticut.

Yes, that still means people under suspicion can still buy guns everywhere else in the country, because no other states have the guts to step up and enact this most common sense of gun safety measures.

Here are some stats that might help you understand this. And here is the blood-gargling NRA’s reason to oppose this: Because innocent people sometimes make that list, and it’s not fair they shouldn’t be allowed to buy guns.

So, boiled down: The NRA wants to arm terrorists. Go figure. I stand with Gov. Malloy.

(Oh, and can we please restore some research funds to this issue?)


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  1. Not a good PR move for the NRA…because most people aren’t familiar with problems concerning the no-fly list I assume Jennifer Baker is talking about, (because that “innocent people” link isn’t working), but is covered by that rats’ nest of reactionary conservatism, The ACLU, here.

    What really galls me about this is that nobody on either side of this issue is willing to even talk about reforming the no-fly list, or changing certain provisions in the Feinstein proposal to be more accommodating of civil liberty concerns. And because Democrats are as misleading about the proposal as the NRA and Republicans, it’s becoming clear the whole issue is intended only as a public relations tactic designed to allow each legacy party to smear one another in the press without having to commit to doing anything substantive about the issue. In other words Business As Usual for national gun control.

    Good on Malloy for making an effort, but I hope Connecticut has some good lawyers on its payroll. You’re going to need them.

    1. The list is a panacea. But at least this looks like a step of calling the nuts on their horseshit. The same people who pushed that list so much are now backing away from it, saying it’s not necessarily accurate. Oh, now it’s not accurate? I appreciate any measure that calls people out on this particular brand of hypocrisy.

    1. I’m thrilled to hear politicians who were insistent this was a good thing now back away from it. So. How do we fix this and keep guns out of the hands of terrorists?

      1. American citizens and permanent legal residents must be informed they’re on a no-fly list. They must be informed why and how it affects their rights under the law. They must be given a “meaningful opportunity” to challenge that status and any limitations on their civil liberties inherent in such status. (Due Process) This amounts to about 6,400 people.

        Currently, the FBI is informed whenever anybody on its consolidated terrorist watchlist (the Selectee list, the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database and some individuals found in TIDE, the National Counter Terrorism Center’s Terrorist Identities Datasmart Environment), purchases a firearm. This is done through, apparently, the existing background check system. Upgrade that process to preclude any purchase by anyone on any FBI watchlist. If the potential purchaser complains, they would be referred to the FBI to challenge any status imposing limitations on their Constitutional rights. (Due Process) If they don’t complain, they don’t get the weapon(s), and the FBI still knows they’re looking for weapons and can act accordingly. This assumes, dangerously, that an upgraded background check system can be made workable, includes severe penalties for dealers in noncompliance, is devoid of any nonsense like time limits, and can pass judicial scrutiny.

        This could have an added benefit of forcing the government into repairing overly vague definitions in categories that folk like the ACLU say present a threat to civil liberty. It would not stop terrorists from obtaining weapons illegally or through quasi-legal connections like friends and neighbors who are willing to exploit their legal status to purchase firearms and supply them to whoever for whatever.

        It’s not that difficult to do. The problem is nobody with the power to get it done is willing to do it.


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