Tim Wise set it on fire at Bridging the Gap: A Dream Deferred

tim-wise-SliderEducator/activist Tim Wise acknowledged at the outset of his hour-long talk on Thursday that he was yes, a white, straight man who was going to talk about race. And then he did.

He quoted stats. He told stories. He made the crowd laugh, cheer, and generally come away filled with the possibilities.

This was CCSU’s communication departments semester cap. We looked at incredible student work, and ate, and talked and I’m so happy-tired right now, I want to curl up in a ball on my floor, but not before I say this:

Thank you, Tim Wise, for bringing your own brand of advocacy to CCSU.

Thank you, Vance Foundation, for funding the event.

Thank you, CCSU, for giving me two awesome years as a chair. And now I vacate for someone else, but I take with me more than I left. There’s hope, you know. There’s hope that when enough people identify the problem, and realize we’re so often played against one another when we really should be playing together, things can change.

Onward. To a brighter tomorrow.

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