Our national reaction to the tragedy of Sandy Hook?

CWEnIMqWIAA0UdZExpand gun rights, and make fat cats out of certain gun CEOs.

Shame on us.

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  1. “If more responsible gun owners want more guns and they are doing it the right way, that’s not going to affect public safety.”

    I’m not really inspired by that statement. There’s really no evidence that supports the claim that more people walking around with guns is a benefit to public safety. Simple common sense tells us that more guns increases the likelihood of gun related injury…of any type…in any venue. And then there’s the fact that responsible gun owners don’t carry guns around like toys to impress people…or themselves.

    As for The Daily News….
    While it’s true Obama is the best thing that ever happened to the firearms industry, the impression the NYDN wants to create is that more and more people are running out to buy guns. There’s simply no way to tell. The government stopped asking in the 2000s. There’s no national firearms registry that records purchases and relevant data. There’s no registry on background checks that would tell us how many one individual has submitted over time. Manufacturers are making more guns and more money but the NYDN doesn’t include any data on how many of those guns and how much of that money is connected to the American market.

    If we can trust data collected by The GSS, PEW and such, about 40 million American households, (about 35%), contain guns. (That represents a decline from 60% in the 70s.) On average, that’s between 6 and 8 guns per household. That? Is kinda spooky. Especially when you’ve got preachers, politicians and police telling these people they need to start carrying guns. That is the story the sensationalists should be focusing on. Because really?
    When it comes to Merchants of Death you can’t swing a dead cat in this country without hitting one. It’s what we do. As far as the domestic firearms market is concerned, I’m more inclined to agree with Chuck Schumer who says the Merchants of Death are the disreputable gun dealers who sell to criminals or who sidestep local and national regulations to increase sales. (But I don’t agree with the 1% number…must be higher…and that asking for pledges is the way to get the two disconnected. But I do like the idea of getting them more involved with “smart gun” technology.) As long as the Big Boys are involved in a legal enterprise that’s regulated, (that’s what they call it), by governments, singling them out for attack is just more useless nonsense.

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