A round-up of last week’s threats and violent acts against U.S. Muslims

regents-park-mosque_798486cThe list, as compiled by Glenn Greenwald, is longer than you may imagine.

And thanks, Cynical, for the link.

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  1. Are we surprised?
    The only thing that surprises me here is that the list isn’t longer and nobody’s been killed yet.

    Read this at MoJo about Muslim students being targeted for abuse…many times by teachers.

    1. I heard a little about that on the radio yesterday. That’s just stunning to me, the whole “do you have a bomb beneath your hijab” ridiculous evil.

    1. Doubtful…
      CNN’s moderator in tonight’s GOP cattle call said he’ll focus on national security and terrorism, but I doubt he’ll bring up the subject of backlash against Muslims.

      Sanders doesn’t like talking about terrorism in general. He’s condemned certain remarks by certain candidates but I doubt he’ll focus on anti-Muslim extremism. Unless, of course, he actually wants to get some play in the press.

      Clinton has announced a she’ll make a major policy proposal…today I think…on national security and terrorism. She reads from the same script as Obama so there’s little chance anti-Muslim backlash will get more than the requisite finger wag followed by the also requisite shoulder shrug.

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