Does corporate media stoke racist talk and fear-mongering?

NBC-Fires-Donald-Trump-Racist-Hate-Speech_2015-06-29_19-44-53 (1)If you sat through Tuesday’s Republican presidential debate, then you probably can name the moment the needle went off the meter — during the most racist and ignorant exchanges, of course.

So does corporate media (on Tuesday, that was CNN) have a responsibility to not share racist speech and fear mongering? Read this, from which came this, a quote from Jim Naureckas, of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting:

“It’s horrifying to see our leading cable news network offering, as a litmus test for becoming president of United States, a willingness to kill thousands of innocent children.”

And thanks, Leftover, for the link.

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  1. Folks like CNN should be allowed to cover the cattle calls that pass for political debates in America, (like this), but should not be allowed to participate in them. This transforms folks like CNN from news reporters into newsmakers manufacturing commodities for profit.

    These cattle calls should be produced by CSPAN and made freely available over PBS or any national broadcaster or internet service that chooses to run it…not limited to cable/satellite/subscription services. There’s ways to organize this type of thing that doesn’t turn our already corrupted electoral process into even more of a farce. You can’t stop bloodthirsty racist demagogues from saying their due…when they’re running for President. But the “debating” should be focused on general issues and participant responses to those issues, not “moderator” appetittes or corporate sponsor agendas.

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