Goddammit, we should all be crying

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And this? A Fox News’ talking head’s supposition that Obama cried because he had a raw onion at the podium? Is simply an indication that this commenter is a complete and utter tool. If you can’t work up tears over children shot dead in a school, you are beneath contempt.

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  1. Bad political theater is Business As Usual in this country. Especially when gun violence is on the marquee.

    Andrea Tantaros and Meghan McCain are just part of the show.

    The whole system is beneath contempt.

    1. So if we want to do this right, where do we start? I’m honestly interested. I know you and I don’t agree on all of this, but I’ve accepted that you’re wrong and I’m right and you’re going to hell and I’m not.

      I’m kidding. No, really. Where to start?

      1. Obstructionism inherent to supermajority rules, combined with institutionalized corruption, guarantees nothing substantive…no change to gun control policy…will ever exit the halls of Congress.

        The best thing regular folk can do is to work tirelessly to impose effective…realistic… firearms controls at local/regional levels. Get lawyers, and as much money as possible, and fight in civil court and be prepared to fight, when necessary, in federal court. (The Bloomberg Strategy.) We’re not going to get help from Congress, we’re not going to get help from The White House. Not until a national movement coalesces among the States. Look to LGBT activism on how that gets done. Did I say get money? That’s crucial.

        Where to start? Stop being manipulated by bad actors in bad political theater. Take matters into your own hands in your own communities and commit to the long slog.

  2. I think it was one of the greatest speeches ever… tears and all. From his heart. No prompters. No script. And he had the balls to take action… as he has on so many other controversial issues. I would vote for him again in a heart beat. The chices before us scare me.

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