They’re moving to fire the hijab-wearing professor

1216-wheaton-college-624x351And there are all kinds of reasons that it’s wrong for Wheaton College to treat Dr. Larycia Hawkins that way. I write about it here, for Patheos.

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  1. I understand Dr. Hawkins’ reluctance to continue with Wheaton’s inquisition against her, but I do wish she would continue. Not so much because I enjoy watching you all squabble amongst yourselves, (and you know I do), but because it exposes the purely political nature of the actions of the college.

    Whether Christians, Muslims and Jews all worship the same god is not really the issue here. The “People of the Book” concept isn’t either. The issue is how to excise a teacher who has embraced liberal, even Leftist, ideas, (liberation theology), from an institution whose radical Christian conservatism exists to serve Hayekian market fundamentalism, (neoliberal monopoly finance capitalism).

    Hawkins’ got religion. Wheaton’s got Religion™. The two are…well…fundamentally incompatible.

    1. Very much political, very tied — or so it seems from here — to their big-money conservative donors. Pity. Big pity.

      1. For an institution whose history is tied to liberating Black slaves from White oppression? That seems more than a little incongruous.

          1. “Wheaton College does liberal arts well yet I am left to ponder how well does Wheaton College treat its employees who dare to challenge students and peers to stand with, not merely for, people outside the Christian cult,” she said.

            Well…that’s not provocative.

            She has hired a lawyer, though, which means she’ll challenge the inquisition, which se says would include, “two years of multi-layered, ongoing conversation about the theological implications of my Facebook post and my actions in wearing the hijab. For those two years, tenure would be revoked and restoration of tenure an open question at the conclusion of that period.” That’s positively Vaticanesque. I’m a little surprised they’re not locking her in a tower somewhere.

      2. Which is why I hope people continue to call them out on that in the press & social media (Go, DJ!). Their actions are not in step with Jesus, while Dr. Hawkins’ actions are. The way I see it, Weaton College is fighting against Christ-like behavior in favor of money. Jesus would not like that, not one little bit. It is so very frustrating to see so many self-proclaimed Christians behave in ways that are so anti-Christ in the name of Christianity!

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