Nice try, IBM

mediumIBM sought to interest the ladies in the tech field, by encouraging them to #HackaHairDryer, because we all know lady brains love beauty products.

The results were predictable (Science! It’s the New Pretty!). And hilarious. And thanks, Annie, for the link.

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  1. Somebody forgot to ask Watson about this. Or maybe they did. Which is kind of a spooky thought considering how IBM and its corporate cohorts are positioning Watson, (cognitive computing), to enter crucial markets worldwide. Watson is even in the healthcare market, telling doctors what sort of treatments a patient should get. If Watson can’t impress My Little Pony? I’m not so confident it’s capable of writing me a prescription.

    Maybe Watson was just too busy working on his Bob Dylan covers. Timing, after all, is everything.

    1. Funny!

      Here’s the engineer in me: I find the potential healthcare applications particularly exciting. I prefer Saffron Technology to Watson, but either way, there are opportunities for improved diagnosis and treatment. There are endless possibilities, which could not only improve outcomes, but also reduce overall cost. For example: “Saffron’s Healthcare Intelligence Platform was not only far superior in computational speed than the traditional tools physicians normally use but notably was significantly improved in diagnostic accuracy. For example, participating physicians overall had a 65% accuracy for the correct diagnosis, whereas key opinion leader cardiologist Dr. Sengupta discerned the conditions with 76% accuracy. In order to compare these results to a traditional reference method commonly used in this clinical setting, Dr. Sengupta also used a well-accepted statistical approach like R’s program C-trees, which resulted in only 54% accuracy. Saffron’s Healthcare Intelligence Platform based on cognitive computing resulted in an accuracy of 90%.”

      (Saffron was recently purchased by Intel)

      Sorry to get off topic, but this is cool stuff.

  2. Good thought to encourage more women into engineering/Failed execution. As a female engineer who was recruited and employed by IBM, I can say they treated me very well. And they do have a woman running things as CEO. I’m going to be easy on them for this error and hope they keep trying to attract more women into engineering. The pay for entry level positions with a B.S. degree is among the highest for engineers, too, so that’s good for women. Women should take their fair share of those jobs.

    1. Good points. As snarky as I am, this is one good for a company that otherwise has a pretty good record for this.

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