In which Prof. Hawkins schools the lot of us in love

1216-wheaton-college-624x351Prof. Larycia Hawkins was placed on paid administrative leave by her employer, Wheaton College, after she donned a hijab to show solidarity with her Muslim brothers and sisters, and declared that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

I wrote this originally, but then last week, Wheaton College began a procedure that could lead to her firing, so I wrote this. Evidently, the college’s provost originally thought the professor’s statement “innocuous,” from this Time story. But there’s the whole public relations thing, and big conservative donors to appease.

And then Prof. Hawkins posted this, on Facebook:

Friends, Embodied Solidarity is not demonizing others in defense of me.

Please pray for my Provost, Stan Jones, whose health is already compromised. I am certain that the stress of this situation exacerbates his condition.

Recall, I donned the hijab out of solidarity. In the spirit of embodied solidarity, those of you who are inclined to wish ‪#‎WheatonCollege‬ and its associated members ill should shower Wheaton College and its students, staff, faculty, and administration with thoughts and prayers and actions that emanate love, grace, peace, and if necessary, forgiveness.

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  1. Love saves.
    Hawkins gets it.
    That’s The Message. Isn’t it? No matter what bends your knee…or not.

    1. It’s true, though I have yet to fully embrace the lesson of love because I like to slap people, too.

      1. I don’t believe that. Righteous anger can be motivated by love. A few harsh words here and there…because I don’t believe you’s actually slap people…doesn’t mean you don’t get it.

    2. I believe that is the message. Prof Hawkins seems to be successful in actually living it out – a challenge for most of us.

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