How will you honor the Rev. King?

Jac sends these links — this one and this one — about how people will honor the Rev. Martin Luther King, whose official birthday is coming up on Monday.

I really love the effort in “Kentuckiana,” creating 40 days of peace around Dr. King’s birthday.


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  1. I do, too. I just realized that Kenuckiana includes the place where I met some of the kindest strangers. A piece of my heart and being will always be there. I’m not surprised they are taking part.

    I will honor Rev. King by trying to do more to bring about peace between people, as best as I can. Does throwing open the window to tell 2 squirrels to stop picking on a third and to just get along count? I actually did that last week and I’d like credit toward next week when I want a day off.

    1. Oh squirrel-talker, will you come to my house and tell the squirrels to stop chewing my car’s wiring and costing me a small fortune?

      1. Check with your mechanic first, but deterrents employed to keep doggies from licking and chewing on themselves…like bitter apple spray…worked for me back in the day.

        I’ve also heard that some dog repellants…used to keep them from peeing on trees and such…work as well. I don’t know if it’s safe to be used on wiring, though. You have to check with your mechanic…read the label. Flammables shouldn’t be sprayed on anything under the hood, obviously.

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