Rest easy, America

JonJonMy grandson, The Flash, is on it.

I want to tell you just a little bit about this guy. He’s 4 and will be 5 in June. He is so much like his father, it nearly breaks my heart. It’s like being able to go back in time with a really cool little kid.

He is a fan of super heroes — mostly Batman and now, the Flash. It was just starting to get cold this weekend but he wanted to go out and ride his Big Wheel in the driveway, but he would only do so once the fake-boot straps were snug beneath his sneakers. And occasionally, he would stop to adjust them so his sneakers didn’t show.

My favorite days are spent playing with him and his twin sister, who is Batgirl. I wish for you a close encounter with some super heroes, too.


7 responses to “Rest easy, America

  1. That’s so cute.
    The Flash in a parka.
    Does he watch him on The CW?

  2. I just love it. Grandchildren are my pride and joy and my adopted grandchildren of a doctor friend too.They boost my endorphins well.
    Enjoy Flash and Bat Girl.

  3. I do hope little superheroes are in my future! He is so cute!

    • He really is. I just negotiated to have him and his sister stay the full weekend at my house weekend after this one, and I may or may not bring them back as scheduled.

  4. Yeah, kids that age…. My son had a plastic motorcycle a bit like this, and he’d dress up like one of the CHIPs cops and ride around all over the place. Remember CHIPs?

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