In a housing revolution, sometimes things move slowly

BreishaBut they do move, sometimes.

I followed Breisha Hilyard in her quest to find adequate (and affordable) housing in Hartford. A couple of times, she and her two children skated dangerously close to homelessness.

This is not how things are supposed to be. I watched Hilyard struggle, conquer, and get knocked back down only to stand up again. I honestly don’t know how she did it, and does it. She says her kids give her motivation. Maybe, but damn.

It’s been a long road, but just Tuesday, she texted that she thought she’d found a place, and hoped to be in that place on Feb. 1. I wrote about her here, for WNPR.

Here’s hoping. Thank you, Breisha, for your generosity of spirit in allowing me to tell your story. You? Rock.

And Ryan Caron King? You rock and your photographs rock, too.

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  1. Thank goodness. Fingers crossed.

    I am always taken aback when I see children in shelters or soup kitchens. Sure, a lot of adults are children in large bodies and need help, but little ones tug at my heart in a different way. The other day, there was a 2 year old at the soup kitchen. As the announcement was made, you must be out by 1:30 and can return at 4, I wondered if that family had a warm place to go and if they had housing. In addition, we had little to offer the two year old, who had food allergies. I searched and could only find an apple, cut up in tiny 2 year-old friendly sized pieces. It broke my heart.

    1. Cribs in a homeless shelter just break my heart. This woman is indomitable. She loves her children fiercely, and in this case, the system is working, so far. But it moves slowly.

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