John McCain? This one’s on you.

I like to think of a time before Sarah Palin, before John McCain let himself get talked into adding her to the Republican ticket in ’08.

And sitting this one out? Not an option, my wrinkly friend.

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  1. How can McCain snuggle up with The Donald, right now, after that insult to McCain’s war record?

    I think it’s a smart move on McCain’s part to sit it out until Trump’s nomination is set in stone. No major elected official or statewide elected officeholder anywhere in the country has endorsed Trump at this point. Endorsements like that matter. The GOP knows it. McCain knows it. Now is not the time for him to make nice, regardless of whatever relationship he has with Palin.

    1. I don’t want him to endorse the asshole. I want him to hog-tie him and kick him down some stairs.

      Just to be clear…

      1. I read that today’s issue of The National Review will be entirely devoted to anti-Trump editorials.

        “Donald Trump is a menace to American conservatism who would take the work of generations and trample it underfoot on behalf of a populism as heedless and crude as The Donald himself.”

        Look! It’s Glenn Beck!

        It will be interesting to find out what they think Trump’s problem is.

          1. Partially….but more because it might illuminate some definition of what is passing for popular political conservatism in this country these days. The lineup featured in that issue represent, for the most part, the traditional vanguard of post-Reagan neoconservatism. (I don’t know what the hell Glenn Beck is doing in there.) Their opinion, and the reaction to it, especially from more nontraditional elements within the GOP, (like Cruz for instance), and the Deep Pockets that support GOP desires to sustain control over local and national governance, (think Koch), could, in my opinion, significantly affect the groundwork that needs to be laid out as a foundation for the 2016 elections. More is at stake, in 2016, than just the White House.

            Schisms among identities are being exacerbated within both legacy Parties due to the popularity of outlier candidates exploiting various brands of populist rhetoric. Such schism has been festering within the GOP for quite some time. (The Democratic Party side is just beginning to heat up.) Trump’s candidacy…it’s appeal to a traditional GOP base of support within the electorate…has widened the gap of that schism. Can the vanguardists, in both Parties, co-opt or marginalize their nontraditional elements? Or will they be forced to allow populist rhetoric to control the direction of Party agendas in 2016…and beyond? And what will the Deep Pocket reaction be?

  2. If McCain endorsed someone else at this point and Trump won even just the early primaries, it would call into question McCain’s relevance in what passes as the Republican Party these days and have the establishment crapping their pants more than they are already. I’m thinking McCain and his people are sensitive to that, especially in light of the fact that Trump and Palin are like the scorpion on the frog’s nose.

  3. “… Trump and Palin are like the scorpion on the frog’s nose.”
    Um — which is which?

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