Oh HAIL, yeah:


7 responses to “Oh HAIL, yeah:

  1. Saw that.
    I love Colbert’s approach to sensitive subjects like that. It’s never condescending and he’s honest.

    H’s gone up the ladder from Killer Mike, too. That’s cool.

  2. What a great interview, Mr. McKesson is a great representative/leader of Black Lives Matter and Stephen Colbert is superb.

  3. DeRay McKesson files to run in Baltimore mayoral race:

    “We can’t rely on traditional pathways to politics and the traditional politicians who walk those paths if we want transformational change.”

    Crowded field… the Democratic Party primary is April 26th.
    short video

    • Saw that. I wonder if he has a chance. I really hope he does, because I agree with him about the traditional pathways.

      • I have to think McKesson sees a chance for something positive in his candidacy. He may be an outsider in B’more politics but he’s adept at organizing and galvanizing support among seemingly disparate groups.

        If he can put B’more and urban issues back in the national spotlight, that has to be a good thing. I think he would be good for the city.

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