Where are the women?

They’re certainly not at Davos discussing Big Things and Thinking Big Thoughts at the World Economic Forum. Women comprise just 18 percent of the attendees.

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  1. Oxfam:

    The Oxfam report An Economy for the 1%, shows that the wealth of the poorest half of the world’s population has fallen by a trillion dollars since 2010, a drop of 41 percent. This has occurred despite the global population increasing by around 400 million people during that period. Meanwhile, the wealth of the richest 62 has increased by more than half a trillion dollars to $1.76tr. The report also shows how women are disproportionately affected by inequality – of the current ‘62’, 53 are men and just nine are women.

      1. It’s a matter of perspective, I suppose. The number of women attending the annual congress of oligarchs, philanthrocapitalists and silk sock puppets, (18%), represents a 3% increase over five years. I’m assuming the number of women in the world’s wealthiest elite, (14.5%), represents a similar increase over that same time frame, (although I haven’t verified that through OxFam).

        Progress? It’s a matter of perspective.
        As long as paying women lower wages…keeping women in poverty on a global scale… continues to be a significant factor in market profitability worldwide, the number of women in either of those two elite groups is really irrelevant.

        Take Sheryl Sandberg’s message: Women should just STFU and work harder, and put their faith in the existing power structure to alleviate the structural inequality that plagues women everywhere. Just by being there…and compliant to the demands imposed by that power structure…somehow…things will change for the better.

        I think if you look, (and you will have to look…hard), at movements for social change in this country and even worldwide, you’ll see a significant, if not dominate, representation of women. This is a good thing. (Always has been.) We need to see more like Alicia Garza and Kshama Sawant in the media. Not more like Sheryl Sandberg and Melissa Gates. But as long as the media focus continues to be determined by oligarchs, philanthrocapitalists and silk sock puppets, that’s going to be a challenge.

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