And the most Bible-minded city is…

bible-SunlightChattanooga, Tenn. What is a Bible-minded city, you ask? From the link:

Each year, in partnership with American Bible Society, Barna ranks the nation’s top media markets based on their level of Bible engagement. Individuals who report reading the Bible in a typical week and who strongly assert the Bible is accurate in the principles it teaches are considered to be Bible-minded. This definition captures action and attitude—those who both engage and esteem the Christian scriptures. The rankings thus reflect an overall openness or resistance to the Bible in various U.S. cities.

If you scroll down, you find none of the Bible-minded cities are in the north, where godless heathens live.But when you scroll down to see the least-Bible-minded cities, there we are!


2 responses to “And the most Bible-minded city is…

  1. Looking at the methodology, It appears “bible-minded” is synonymous with “fundamentalist.”

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