Greek islanders to be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

1583I think this is about right. While so much of the rest of the world’s leaders appeared to be wringing their hands and dragging their feet, the people of Greece stepped up and stepped in.

From The Guardian:

The islanders, including fishermen who gave up their work to rescue people from the sea, are in line to be honoured with one of the world’s most esteemed awards. Eminent academics from the universities of Oxford, Princeton, Harvard, Cornell and Copenhagen are drafting a submission in favour of awarding the prize to the people of Lesbos, Kos, Chíos, Samos, Rhodes and Leros.

To find out more about the nomination process, go here.


3 responses to “Greek islanders to be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

  1. That would be different.

  2. Why not? I like it.

  3. The EU is demanding Greece stop helping refugees…or at least stop them from leaving Greece. Refugees that don’t die in transit, (48 died on Jan 22nd, including 18 children), usually leave Greece/EU at the Macedonian border and continue their way toward the EU through Macedonia and Serbia, reentering at Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia on their way toward Germany.

    EU ministers want this to stop…immediately. They are threatening to expel Greece from the Schengen (free travel) Zone as well as moving in Frontex troops, (immigration enforcers), to secure the Greece/Macedonia border.

    Belgium’s State Secretary suggested the EU build a concentration camp (“closed facility”) in Greece that would hold 300,000 persons under EU administration, of course. State structures in Greece cannot manage the load of building what amounts to a medium-sized city…thanks to EU austerity demands that continue to decimate the country. Other ministers want Greece to build fences.

    Greece’s Foreign Minister made it clear he understood exactly what the EU expects of Greece: “If we want to stop the refugees, we would have to wage war against them. We would have to bombard them, sink their boats and let the people drown.”

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