We’re into the second week of the semester and…

red_kangaroo…I’m already behind.

You’re right when you say with a little bit of jealousy “Teachers have so much time off,” but I should tell you something about that time off: You use that time off — if you’re smart — preparing for the next semester, or finishing up your grading from the previous semester. There’s not so much down time, as a lull.

Somehow, I frittered away the time off between fall and spring semester, and now I’m playing catch-up. I have lectures to write, papers to grade, and I woke up this morning from one of those panic dreams where I was trying to catch a kangaroo someone had pushed off the roof.

(I know. It’s weird. I never realized I had such an affinity for kangaroos, and I believe they’d be kind of hard to catch, as well.)

I’m not all that concerned, because I spent all of last semester feeling I was behind the eight ball. I’ll be fine. But Jaysus!



8 responses to “We’re into the second week of the semester and…

  1. According to The Dream Bible:

    To dream of a kangaroo represents an aspect of yourself that is doing the best it can to get a situation over with. It reflects a situation where you or someone else has to do something the hard way. Doing something one step at time or “getting there one inch at a time.” Doing the best you can with what you have.


Positively, a kangaroo may represent a strong belief in yourself that is helping you get through a difficulty. A persistent belief that “keeping on” is important.


Negatively, a kangaroo may reflect a troublesome situation that requires you to struggle through it one step at a time.


To dream of being chased by a kangaroo may represent a wish to avoid having to do something the hard way. Not wanting to take the long route in a situation. Doing everything you can to avoid facing a more difficult method of dealing with something. Avoiding a protracted dilemma, or needless difficulty.


To dream of a sick kangaroo may represent your will to win or keep going that is negatively effected. Having trouble believing in yourself.

    • This? Is fascinating. I wonder what I’m trying to get over with? So I’m trying to catch a kangaroo (I didn’t get the sense that it was sick, but that someone was really mean to push it). The part about not believing in myself may reflect my worry that I’m still such a new teacher, I might not be a great one yet.

      • I think the represents the anxieties your feeling over the job. Being behind, (by your estimation), your desire to do a good job, your desire not to disappoint.

      • Maybe you are trying to get over with being behind?

        It also sounds very protective – catching the kangaroo (to ensure ok and protect?) after being pushed off a roof. In some way, do you feel protective of your students, as in responsible for shepherding them through the course? With the kangaroo hopping away and you trying to catch it, maybe it reflects anxiety about keeping up with your own expectations in being able to shepherd your students. Or, maybe it has nothing to do with school. There is a maternal (or granny) feeling to it.

        You have cool dreams. Did you catch it?

        You WILL be fine, and your students are lucky to have you as their guide.

        • I did not catch the kangaroo, but I have to say it had the most interesting smell — like horse sweat and lavendar.

          I DO have cool dreams. I’m lucky that way. And thank you.

          • Whoa! You smell things in your dreams? I don’t think I do. I can’t remember. That MUST mean something! Let’s see….
            Ah, HA! “Dreaming, seeing, smelling lavenders in the dream – In general this dream symbol stands only for good emotions. Everything what is related with success, happiness relaxation and meditation.”

            Maybe you were chasing after that. I’m not sure about the horse sweat part. Maybe it’s symbolic of the hard work involved.

  2. Or you could go with the “Looney Tunes” version. In which case I suggest…Be the Kangaroo. Strong, resilient, resourceful.

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