In which Bro. Trump steps in it. Again.

2016-01-15-1452842414-2329623-donaldtrump750x455-thumbThe most popular Republican candidate for President has again embraced Robert Jeffress (more about him here) who responds with this tepid non-endorsement:

“I don’t believe a Christian has to sell his soul to the devil to vote for Donald Trump.”

Well, phew! I am going to rest easier knowing two lowest common denominators are friends.

And then Jerry Jr. Falwell weighs in, to which Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian, commented:

Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s endorsement today of Donald Trump can be explained, not because the businessman is a Christian, but because Christianity is a business.



9 responses to “In which Bro. Trump steps in it. Again.

  1. America’s Best Christian is Canadian. Why does that make perfect sense to me?

    Jeffress cannot campaign for Trump and not call it an endorsement. Wait a minute…yes he can. Because Jeffress is involved in a “voter education activity.” Thank-you IRS for that clarification which makes your job easier, Trump’s job easier, and Jeffress’ job much more profitable.

    • Amazing, yes? Yet another argument to take away non-profit status for faith groups, they keep this up.

      • The IRS isn’t going to do anything without a mandate from Congress. For the same reason the CDC stopped gun violence research. They can’t risk any further budget cuts. They need every penny they’ve got just to keep up with their role in Obamacare®.

        Tony Perkins of the Family Research hate groupCouncil has endorsed Cruz. I want to hear Trump bash Perkins. That could be huuuuge.

        • And fun, too!

          • Yeah…the Perkins camp is just as radical as the Jeffress camp. I’m a little surprised at the discordance in endorsements, actually. Watching those two dance around that might be even more fun.

        • Trump would probably say that he knows Perkins and Perkins loves him, even though he endorsed Cruz. Then he’d say Perkins would be by his side when he wins the primary….yada, yada, yada…Two Corinthians, Amen.

  2. Good thing Trump is skipping the next debate because that mean Megyn Kelly would surely ask him about this.

    • I cannot wait to watch sans that bloviating blowhard. I’m popping popcorn!

      • I think you’ll see that The Donald doesn’t actually have to be there to be there. The GOP side of the campaign is all about him. Every question, every statement, every burp, fart, and nose-pick will be focused on Trump’s campaign.

        A Trump/Cruz one-on-one might be interesting to watch. But I doubt Trump will approve.

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