Da-yum…just watch it.

And thanks, Jac, for your good taste.


5 responses to “Da-yum…just watch it.

  1. This is why leftover loves Jac.

  2. This is awesome… and timely. I just got home and, while driving, I noticed yet another Confederate flag in the Quiet Corner… this one just down the street from where I live. Why do people not get it? Love each other. Period.

  3. It’s how I feel, too. I do think of this body as the means to move through time and space in this world with the mission of connecting and loving. With this mission, perhaps we might come to know that when one suffers, we all suffer. When one is comforted, we all are comforted. One is us and us is one. So, why construct obstacles that divide us and make it more difficult to achieve our mission? Our way to comfort and love? Why focus on the car, the shell, covering what is divine and most beautiful?

    Plus, I loved the part when the baby leaned over and kissed the other baby.

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