The God gap

pluta_nonesSo in today’s Iowa caucus (more on that here), Anne Pluta at the New York Times is watching the so-called “God gap,” or religiosity as opposed to religious affiliation. According to some research, people who are more observant (particularly among Christians) tend to vote Republican.

Fascinating, yes?

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  1. Here’s how Iowa breaks down on the religiosity scale, compared to national averages.

    But I’ve been reading a good deal lately…like this piece from Galston at Brookings…that points to data that shows Trump’s strong support from White Evangelical Protestants, (which has been increasing), isn’t necessarily based in religiosity. They don’t care about his religiosity…or lack of it. They just like what he says. And they feel confident that when he wants to discuss religious freedom, he won’t be going to any mosques to do it. Even if he’s a lame duck.

    What will matter most to the candidates will be turnout, in my opinion. Who, among the categories charted above, will be willing to brave the weather, (a blizzard is forecast), to spend 2-3 hours in a protracted process that’s always been more about losers than winners.

    1. I’m not even watching things yet, no predictions, no prognostications. I’m going to turn on my television tonight, right after I pop some popcorn. And thanks for this. What does stun me (still) is that white evangelicals tend to like their candidates to thump a Bible every once in a while. This is weird.

      1. I would expect to see more than a few hernias from media types from all the heavy lifting they’ll have to do to make people think that this actually means something.
        But I am going to watch X-Files and This Old House and wait to get caught up over coffee in the morning.

        Going to watch the extra Democratic candidate town hall on CNN Wednesday?

          1. Things are really starting to heat up in the Clinton camp. Party stalwarts and media darlings, (like Krugman, Yglesias and Klein), are letting the dogs loose on Bernie. Norman Solomon, Glenn Greenwald and even Robert Reich have come to Bernie’s defense.

            Could be an interesting evening…….

  2. Looks like the big turnout didn’t help Trump as much as I thought it would. Not a huge defeat…certainly not a knockout blow…and more of a PR win for Cruz and Rubio.

    Looks like Bernie won the turnout. His performance was….well…huuuge!

    1. Cruz got the best he could hope for, right? And Trump? Well, maybe he’ll go to one of his homes and think about things.

      1. Given the narrow spread among the GOP top 3, and knowing that less than 50% of Republican winners in Iowa’s precinct caucuses actually get the GOP nomination, and looking at his poll numbers in New Hampshire, (huuuge!), and watching his concession speech, I don’t think he’s overly troubled by a 2nd place finish.

        The fact that he wedged in between two outspoken social conservatives and bible thumpers in Iowa is significant from a PR standpoint.

        Clinton? Now there’s somebody who needs to think about “things.” Especially going into Bernie’s backyard this week.

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