Now that the Iowa caucus is over:

CaKcGiBWIAEJ2oFIowa voters are attuned to the issues that matter most. God bless ‘Murica. The New York Times said Ted Cruz dealt Donald Trump a “humbling loss,” though no one expects The Donald to be humbled, and votes for the candidates above were thisclose.

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      1. I was, actually. I figured Bernie would make a decent show…but not that close.
        Democrat turnout was significantly lower than the last contested caucuses, (2008). One county convention delegate assignment was actually decided by a coin flip. (Clinton won.)

        But…Democratic Party delegates from Iowa to the national convention are not bound by precinct caucus preferences. So I doubt she’s too worried…yet. It does make the town hall tomorrow more interesting. The last time Clinton took the gloves off Bernie raised tens of millions of dollars quick enough to up his game in Iowa. I hope she goes after his healthcare proposal again. She’s vulnerable on that. And keeping universal healthcare in the conversation is just good for everybody.

        1. Same here. I was surprised it was a squeaker, and I was more than a little happy about that.

  1. I was surprised by the results on both sides. Once all the extra Republicans drop out, I wonder where their supporters will land, between Cruz, Trump, and Rubio?

  2. Sanders got over 80 percent of the under 30 vote! A combination of enthusiasm and still posessing night vision. Clinton is going to have to figure that out, especially for the general which she is still likely to be in. Sometimes I wonder if it’s not such a big deal to the under 30s that she’s a woman. That they might take the struggles over the past decades for granted a little. Not that there aren’t plenty of good reasons to vote for Sanders, just that an 80/20 split is hard to explain.

    1. Bernie’s appeal to younger voters, especially women, continues to surge nationwide. (Particularly since the beginning of January.) Some polls estimate that well over half of Bernie’s support among potential voters now comes from the under 30 demographic.

      Yet, those younger voters are estimated at being just 18% of the Democratic Party turnout in Iowa this year. (Compared to 22% estimated in 2008.) That’s about 31,000 people. If exit polls are anywhere near accurate, that means that about 26,000 of over 171,000 (the estimated Democratic Party turnout), expressed support for Bernie, or just over 15% of Democrats participating. That means in order to score a virtual tie with Clinton, Bernie’s active base of support had to include significant numbers of the over 30 demographic, a traditional stronghold for the Clintons in Iowa.

      If I were Hillary Clinton, that would be causing me more sleepless nights than the Millennial demographic.

  3. I hope Trump narrowly wins the nomination because I think either Hillary or Bernie could beat him easily.

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