Should women sign up for the draft?

Women-in-Combat-Revolutionary-War-jpgTwo military leaders testified yesterday that women should sign up for the draft — though the draft is mostly symbolic these days.

Women were recently cleared for combat duty in all armed services, though that was largely symbolic, as well, because women had been fighting in combat all along.

“Now that the restrictions that exempted women from [combat jobs] don’t exist, then you’re a citizen of a United States. It doesn’t mean you’re going to serve, but you go register.” — Gen. Robert B. Neller, Marine Corps commandant

I do not see the ability to join the military forces as a large step toward women’s freedom and equality but that’s mostly my ambivalence about the need for military forces. But if we say we’re equal, isn’t this a natural step toward that? I will cheerfully entertain your comments.

And thanks, Leftover, for the link.

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  1. It’s not just a natural step…it’s a necessary step.

    I agree the Draft is considered largely symbolic these days. But it’s still an institution…an existing part of our military structure. It could be employed at any time. It’s not up to a vote by the electorate.

    If women want substantive equality, I would think they would welcome being equal participants in military ritual and any risk such participation might entail.

  2. A period of national service should be required of everybody able to do it. I think that should apply whether the service is military or otherwise. The kind of service should depend on what the nation needs at the time and on the characteristics of the draftee.

    I was subject to the military draft in the 60’s, during Vietnam, but women were not. I remember a lot of hawkish women screaming their heads off about sending troops (only men of course) to go kill people and maybe be killed while they themselves were immune. If they want to scream like that, then they should be going, too.

    Given my education I could have had deferments forever, and although I ended up with a draft induction number so high I never would have been called up, I volunteered for 2 years duty in the US Public Health Service just to put a stake in the heart of the issue without doubt.

    I never regretted signing up for those two years, or for the time I spent serving our country. I’m glad I did it.

    No, I’m not all preachy. I’m just saying that I think requiring most citizens to give a couple years of time and effort directly to and in service of their country is good thing, not a bad thing.

    Now, the whole combat role thing for women is something else, and I’m not commenting on that.

    But for the draft to apply only to men and not to women is absolutely wrong, IMHO.

  3. From the Head Up Our Ass Department at The National Review: “…a step toward barbarism.”

    [T]he presence of women in the infantry [and] forcible conscription into its ranks…inverts natural law and the rules that have grounded our civilization for thousands of years.

    Somebody didn’t get the email which explained that’s essentially the whole idea.

    I’m beginning to think The Donald’s characterization of TNR is more accurate than not.

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