Some fast faith facts

faithpoliticsSure it’s fast, sure it’s superficial, but here is Religion News Services’ Five Faith Facts on the candidates — though word is that the Righteous Rev. Mike Huckabee, God’s Own Candidate, is suspending his campaign, as is former Gov. Martin O’Malley as has UPDATE! Rand Paul.

It’s kind of interesting. Admit it.


5 responses to “Some fast faith facts

  1. You have to wonder about these people…whether religion informs their politics or whether politics informs their religion

    • Given that we live on a planet that can shake us off like water off a dog, looking through the profiles reinforces my opinion that religion is, for the most part, human conceit. It’s like a variation on the old joke; “Enough about us, let’s talk about you. What do you think about us?” Believe in a humanoid god, then there’s a pretty good chance that on some level (conscious or unconscious) you believe you are god. If that humanoid you believe in is white and male then there’s a pretty good chance you believe you’re presidential material.

  2. So has Been Carson, per Cruz before the Iowa caucus. It was a false claim to get Carson’s supporters to move to Cruz. Trump is calling it fraud and asking for an Iowa re-do! It was underhanded. I wonder if Cruz considers lying and misleading part of God’s work?

    It is interesting. Religion is being abused by some.

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