How do you stop the Zika virus?

4000Certainly not by suggesting women not get pregnant. That’s not workable, particularly when contraceptives are not accessible.

And how do you stop a virus spread when you have to run counter to religious teachings against birth control?

And thanks, DickG., for the link. And check out this incredible image from an artist in Argentina.

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  1. Telling women not to get pregnant certainly won’t stem the spread of the virus…which…can be sexually transmitted as well as by mosquitos, according to the CDC.

    And it certainly doesn’t do anything to increase knowledge of the virus, how it works, how it affects people, or its alleged relationship to birth defects.

    Makes about as much sense as putting women in prison for getting an abortion. But look! There’s the Pope! So there’s that.

    1. I found it interesting that earlier reports blamed mosquitoes and strictly mosquitoes and then things morphed into “Don’t get pregnant.” And don’t use birth control, either. Come. On.

      1. What’s interesting to me is how and why it began to spread across oceans just a couple of years ago, after being limited to equatorial regions in Africa and Asia. It was even rare in Asia until 2007. Then in 2009 sexual transmission is discovered. Then in 2015 mother-to-child transmission is discovered.

        Sounds like mutation to me. Viruses are good at that.

        Maybe now that it’s hit the Western Hemisphere with a vengeance, the improved profitability that goes along with that will get development of a vaccine off the shelf. I mean…considering the unclean masses of Central and South Americans flowing over our unprotected borders every day? What’s a few hundred dollars? Each.

          1. Nine confirmed “travel related” cases of Zika in four counties in Florida. Rick Scott declares pubic health emergency.

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