Do you know ALICE?

housing0f691f8That’s Assets Limited, Income Constrained, Employed in the state?

Here’s the latest update. It includes:

Housing is a universal need, and affordable options for ALICE families are limited.  Throughout much of Connecticut, the cost of available housing is too high relative to the actual incomes of ALICE households.


Half of all renters and more than a third of all homeowners in Connecticut – many who are ALICE families – are burdened by their housing costs.  They are spending more than 30% of their income on housing, which makes it difficult to pay for other necessities.


When households are overburdened by housing costs, they are faced with making tough choices, including living in substandard housing, moving farther away from their job, and even falling into homelessness.


The supply of affordable housing in Connecticut is growing, but the need is still great.  Although Connecticut ALICE families benefit from the unprecedented creation of 7,500 affordable homes since 2011, spurred on by the state government, there is still a significant need for affordable housing choices.

And thanks, Kimberley, for the link.


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