In last weeks’ reading of the Hebrew scriptures…

dirtyrag-e1357140003254So what I’m seeing in Numbers and Leviticus is a God who is inordinately devoted to detail — from the many and varied ways an  unclean person (pretty much, any person with any discharge, and my apologies if you’re reading this over a meal) can be punished/shunned to precisely how to cover the Ark of the Covenant for moving.

(As a reminder, I, the fundamentalist with Mad Bible Skills, have started re-reading the Bible, from Gen. 1, using a guide I loaded onto my phone. Obviously, people read the Bible and find different things. Here’s what I found last week:)

I have to admit I’m finding it a hard slog to read this portion, as I knew I would. This ranks right down there with the “begats,” but I am seeking to use my mad concentration skills and stay on each verse. But the blue cloth with the fine leather with the red cloth? It’s hard.


2 responses to “In last weeks’ reading of the Hebrew scriptures…

  1. What guide are you using?

    • Just something I downloaded offa the Interwebs.It offers no commentary and serves up 3-4 chapters a day. It’s a pace I can keep up with, so far.

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