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lentbackgroundFor you non-practioners, here’s a little more on the start of a Christian holy season, which extends all the way to Easter. Typically, Christians who observe Lent choose to give up something important to them for the duration. If I observed Lent, I think I’d try to give up saying mean things about people.

I don’t think I’d be successful, but I think I’d try. My creed in high school was never gossip — ever. And then I drifted. In fact, what the hell. I believe I’ll give this a shot. Wish me luck? I’m going in.

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  1. You could approach it through an almsgiving:
    Excuse me…but…did you know that it’s generally considered an unsanitary practice to have one’s head so firmly and completely wedged up one’s anus, as you have yours?

    Or…you could strive to be more like Jesus:
    “Look. It’s Lent, and I’m trying to emulate My Lord and Savior. So with all the love in my heart I’m telling you to STFU and just crawl back in your hole. (Okay…a rather loose paraphrase of Matthew 4:1-11…but there’s still a lot of Jesus in there.)

    Then there’s atonement…which…from the moral influence (Augustinian) point of view you’re already doing regularly anyway.
    And you’re reading the Bible everyday. I mean if slogging through Deuteronomy, Leviticus and Numbers can’t be considered sacrifice, what can?

    1. Numbers is painful, but there are really interesting smiting scattered throughout, so those hold my interest. And yes, I bet there’s a way around not actually saying mean things for 40 days. I have 24 hours (give or take) to figure out the loophole. Thanks, Saul.

  2. I really think that is the best thing to do rather than to give up candy or sweets.
    When I was working at a free standing GI center in Fl over 10 years ago, an MD always asked me what I was giving up. I would answer each year with , ” I think it would be better to not talk badly about anyone”.
    He has no answer for me. End of discussion.
    God speed. One day at a time.

    1. So far, so good — but other than teaching I have basically sequestered myself in my office. 39 more to go!

  3. I don’t traditionally give up something during Lent. Sometimes, I try to do something extra. I usually need to be reminded about Lent to think about it. I think I will do something this time. It may not sound like much, but instead of letting something go without response, I think I will say “Thank You” to someone who did harm, but is trying to make amends. Their action doesn’t necessarily require my response. However, I think I will let them know in some small way they are forgiven, even though it still hurts. It took time. It’s not a traditional Lent activity, but Lent is giving me the push.

    1. Wow. That’s huge, actually. And I haven’t done so well in not being such a turd about talking smack. But I’m trying.

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