Why, HERE’s another Cruz supporter

Mike Bickle, about whom you can read more here. And here’s the announcement of this minister’s endorsement of the Lipless Canadian.

And no, Bro. Mike. People don’t get mad because this is “politically incorrect.” They get mad because you’re misquoting the scriptures and sounding like a big ol’ jackass. You’re making the rest of us look bad. That’s why we get mad. I hope this helps.


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  1. So….does Cruz getting in bed with a Cultist leader make The Donald look any more attractive as a President?

    1. (Typing with gloves one). Literally nothing (to me) makes Donald Trump look attractive as President. No. Thing.

      1. No one running on the Republican side looks attractive as a potential President. Not a one. John Kasich every now and then says something palatable, but then he ruins it with something else.

        1. That’s exactly my take on things, though I know there are people out there who feel that’s not the case at all.

        2. Kasich is a political animal on the hunt…but…I would prefer him to the rest of the GOP pack. Mostly because of his support for healthcare access reform. I think he knows his Bible better than the rest of them, too. More mainstream. I hope he stays in the race.

      2. How about Bloomie? He’s threatening a run…I think on the GOP side. But with Bloomie you never know.

          1. He’s saying he’ll make a decision sometime in March…as an independent candidate.
            Never make your move too soon. Especially if you’re a Blue Dog Billionaire.
            He’ll wait to see how the other candidates stack up. I don’t think he’ll run against Clinton. By mid-march, if it looks Trump…and if Clinton doesn’t have the nomination sewed up? I could see him getting into the fray.

        1. The Blue Dog Growls.

          I’m unimpressed with Bloomie’s low numbers in that WSJ/NBC poll. Considering the fact his share of media attention afforded to candidates has been barely visible thus far, those numbers aren’t at all remarkable from such a small pool of respondents. But he better hurry if he’s serious about running. The other two Parties are not going to like an Independent bid from such a strong player.

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