Ted Nugent has finally gone too far for all of us.

12733511_10153484183332297_5915661866085263438_nSays who?

Why, the National Review, that’s who.

Some of us lost interest in this guy years ago, but we join with our conservative cousins and say: Boot him off the blood-garling NRA and send him back to his ranch, where maybe this animal’s loved ones are lying in wait.

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  1. Nugent explains and apologizes for the offensive post…a reposting actually…here.

    “I sincerely apologize for my irresponsible re-posting of such a nasty and offensive meme. In my rush between songwriting jams and musical recording frenzy, all I saw was the images of people dedicated to disarm us, I made no connection whatsoever to any religious affiliation. Everyone knows deep down that at 67 years of age I didn’t suddenly become anti-Semitic. That’s patently ridiculous, and those who rushed to such a mistaken condemning judgement should re-examine the system by which such equally irresponsible knee-jerk judgments are made.”

    You can call Ted Nugent a lot of things…but antisemitic really isn’t consistent with his behavior. I’m inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. The New Republic should have, at the very least, invested in the cost of a phone call to investigate the sudden shift in Nugent’s activism.

    Another reason to agree with Trump’s characterization of the contemporary TNR.

    1. Because he’s been such a shit-bag in general, I’m inclined to believe that this particular post is simply a reflection of his inner-most heart. But even if this was just a mistake on his part (and it was a mistake on his part), he’s said and done plenty more to make me take him off my Christmas card list. So I can move on.

    2. You give him more credit than I. His posting was antisemitic. He posted it and wrote a comment emphasizing the point of hating these people who were clearly all labeled as Jews. There was not one non-Jewish person in the bunch. In my book, that makes him anti-semitic….and a nutbag. The scum.

      1. I don’t think one gaffe makes for an antisemite. I think if he actually was it would have revealed itself earlier…considering the fact he just cannot shut-up. That’s put him in trouble before.

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