Your biggest regret


12 responses to “Your biggest regret

  1. There’s no “not” in my biggest regret. Is that a good thing?

  2. I noticed how young those people are in the video. They have plenty of time to make up for regrets. I regret getting older. And, other things. You?

    • Probably I regret not taking more chances, but I’m young yet and could always change my ways. I fall into the category of regretting the nots more than the things I did.

  3. Too many to list, about half “dids” and half “didn’t s”. The roads not taken. I envy people who knew by age 12 what they wanted to do with their lives, and then went out and did it. I was never that focused and never had a long term plan. My only plan was go to college, get a job, leave Texas. The first two goals were implanted by my family, the third one was all mine.

    • See, I knew precisely what I wanted to do even younger than 12. Now I wonder what I might have missed, being so focused and stuff. Weird, huh?

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