Have you heard of Prosecutors Against Gun Violence?

rugerp95_s878x703They’re calling for decent gun legislation that will prevent domestic abusers from owning firearms.

You can read more here.


One response to “Have you heard of Prosecutors Against Gun Violence?

  1. Doesn’t federal law already exist? Title 18, United States Code, Section 922(g)(9) (the Lautenberg Amendment or the Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban) What is the problem with that federal law. It’s withstood challenge, some significant challenge since 1996. What problem do prosecuting attorneys have with it?

    (And let’s just glide past the fact that when there is existing law on a particular controversy, it’s kind of regarded as a requirement for lawyers to make that known whenever they’re dressed up in their lawyer uniforms and acting like they know something important.)

    And if I was a prosecuting attorney trying to convince a mostly hostile jury to accept my recommendations [pdf] for a just resolution to this problem, I would soften up the rhetoric a bit. Especially when the recommendation involves the word “ban.” Lead with something less politicized than…

    “It is time for everyone, including members of Congress and members of the gun lobby, to accept the facts – guns in the home do not make you safer…”

    Especially when there’s existing law in place. Especially when at least half the jury is already convinced I shouldn’t be trusted just by virtue of my occupation.

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