If you’ve nothing better to do…

breisha_hilyard_housing_homelessness__1_of_4_…listen to WNPR’s “Where We Live” around 9:20 on Friday morning, and hear Breisha Hilyard (featured here) talk about her life. Brei has an incredible story, and it’s well worth listening to. I’ll be there, too.

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  1. Better than hearing an incredible story of a determined, resilient and devoted woman/mother, relayed by an incredible story-teller? No. I have nothing better. I plan to tune in!

  2. It’s so wrong that things happen in such a way that it puts a hold on a person’s savings (as a security deposit), while not allowing a person who is homeless into the home. And how sleazy of them to not return the entire security deposit at the end of it!

    You and Brei made such a good point in that there should be a common portal or “go-to” organization that will fit the pieces of support together in a way that is helpful to the person needing support. I cannot imagine that could be architect-ed and implemented well without the valuable input of the end-users – people using the system. Maybe there is a consulting job for Brei in doing just that. People sitting in an office may have blind-spots that the people in need could easily point out. But, what do I know as I sit mostly on the outside of all of this.

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