Inspired by Candidate Cruz’s concerns about the persecution of Christians:


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  1. This claim of persecution is just a political tool to get votes!

    I recently came across this. Though I don’t see eye to eye on a few issues (such as abortion and same-sex marriage), the way he presents it, it’s ok. I find his view of how he sees Christianity operating in his life and guiding his views to be quite loving and wonderful. He has much to say about the abuse of religion in politics. He also claims that pro-life without caring for all people beyond the womb (especially those who struggle due to economic disadvantage) is not pro-life. That’s just part of what he says that made me cheer. To find someone who is aligned with my core thinking, despite disagreeing on several issues, is refreshing. It’s as if the polarization has been removed. I may pick up his book to read more.

  2. “This claim of persecution is just a political tool to get votes!”

    Of course it is. “I feel your pain! I understand you! We’re siblings of the soul! Vote for me and let me totally forget you!”

    1. It bothers me greatly that the public face of Christianity has become so ugly when it it absolutely does not represent all (most?) Christians. And yet, Republicans use Christianity to invoke fear and justify actions that serve the wealthy and the privileged, forgetting those who Jesus loved most. Why can’t we effectively call them out on these things, I wonder?

      1. We can. I just am not sure how.I think it takes someone who does so with love and empathy.

        That pretty much eliminates me. I can feel empathy for the fear of the louder judge-y Christians, but love’s tough.

        1. Let’s think about that one.

          I’m nearly certain it doesn’t eliminate you! You are one of the most generous people I know when it comes to caring about people and following, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

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